Cost of Study and Living in Belarus

Belarus is an affordable study and living destination for students. Read on to know about the student accommodation, public transportation, health care, cost of study and living n Belarus:

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the programme chosen and study level. Tuition fee in Belarus is affordable.

Tuition fees for 1- year preparatory programme: International students can expect to pay between 1600 USD to 1800 USD for 1-year preparatory programme if they have come to the country on their own. International students who have come on the basis of inter-university or international agreements, the tuition fee depends on the agreement.

The fees for first stage of higher education vary by course chosen and duration of the course. Students can expect about 2000 USD per year.

The fees for second stage of higher education vary by specialisation and curricula. Students can expect to about 2300 USD or more per year, depending on the specialty. 

Living Expenses

The cost of living in Belarus is low as compared to other European countries. Living expenses vary by lifestyle. Students can expect to between 200 and 300 USD per month. 

Students Accommodation

Many higher education institutions in Belarus provide accommodation to students on campus. Off campus accommodation is also available for students in Belarus.

Dormitories: Dorm rooms are generally shared by 1-3 students. The cost varies depending on the people sharing it and type of dormitory. You can expect to pay 15 to 50 USD per month.

Rent an apartment: Students can rent an apartment in Belarus. The cost varies by location and facilities offered. 

Rent per month:  You can expect to pay between 300USD and 600 USD depending on the location- within or outside city centre, number of rooms- one or three, and amenities. 


Transportation system in Belarus is well-developed. Public transport in Belarus comprises of trams, taxis, buses, subway and trolleybuses. Getting in Belarus and abroad is possible by rail, taxis, air or water transport. You can purchase the ticket for public transport in Belarus in a vending kiosk at the stop, from the driver or conductor.

Getting Around by Bus

You can get around Belarus by bus or minibus. There are bus stations on all cities of Belarus where you can purchase the ticket. 

Metro: Belarus has only 1 metro that is situated in Minsk,.

Trolley buses, buses, trams, taxis, and route taxis are available all around the country. 

Travelling to Belarus

You can come to Belarus by air, rail and water transport.

By Air: The main air gate of Belarus is the national airport Minsk. It has many international flights connecting Belarus with different parts of the world.

By Rail: This is the most safe and convenient way to travel to Belarus. You can also get around Belarus by rail. Tickets are available in cash desks at the station or book by phone or via internet.

By Waterways: In Belarus, there are 10 river ports. You can enter the country by water transport.

Medical Insurance

International students get medical care in Belarus. Medical care of international students is done on terms of mandatory medical insurance. Health care for pupils is offered by all state medical establishments.

International students must have medical insurance covering the duration of their stay in Belarus. The insurance cost is 1 USD for 2 days stay to 85 USD for 1 year stay in Belarus. Insurance/medical policy issued by foreign insurance company must be valid in Belarus.

Note: Prices are variables and subject to change. Also expenses depends on many factors including the course type and the area you chose to live.
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