Belarus as a Study Destination

Belarus is located in the eastern part of Europe, bordered by Poland to the west, Russia to the northeast, Latvia and Lithuania to the northwest, and Ukraine to the south. Belarus has an exciting blend of culture and civilizations that makes it a unique and interesting study abroad destination. 

Belarus is known for its outstanding education system and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of specialties. Each year, many international students from across the world come to study in Belarus. 

Belarus in Brief

Official name: The Republic of Belarus

Capital: Minsk (largest city)

Official languages: Belarusian and Russian

Currency: Belarusian Ruble (BYR)

Government: Unitary presidential republic

Internet domain: .by

Reasons to Study Abroad in Belarus

Belarus has many different cultures, historical and modern architecture, and big town and cities. The country is diverse and an interesting place to explore. Following are the reasons why you should study abroad in Belarus: 

Academic Excellence

The education system of Belarus is known for its academic excellence. The Belarus higher education system is of high quality, and higher education institutions offer a broad range of study programmes. Studies in medicine, science, management, business, arts, foreign language, and many more are offered. Thus, you are sure to get a programme that caters to your career aspirations and interest. 

Worldwide Recognized Qualifications

Belarus higher education institutions provide internationally recognized qualifications of the highest standard. Undergraduate and graduate qualifications are offered by Belarus higher education institutions. 

Learn a New Language

While you’re in Belarus, you get an opportunity to learn other languages- Belarusian and Russian. There is no better way to learn a new language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks that language.  

Affordable Study and Living Destination

The cost of study and living in Belarus is low as compared to other European countries. Student accommodation and public transport is also cheap in Belarus. 

Safe and Welcoming Environment

Belarus has a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. People there are friendly. Every year, many international students come to study in Belarus. 

Employment Opportunities

As the qualifications offered by Belarus higher education institutions are recognized and accepted everywhere, you have the opportunity to get a great job after graduation. If you’re looking to complete your studies at an affordable institution, and want to learn a new culture, the Republic of Belarus is the right choice for you.
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